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Your hub for renewable energy.

aeconet is an experienced, globally active project developer in the field of innovative renewable energies.
The new HUB for global projects, partnerships and know-how transfer is being created here.
Find out more now in a direct dialogue with CEO Olaf Donner.

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Solar Solutions

aeconet provides consulting services for commercial and industrial PV projects.

Our comprehensive solar solutions encompass initial planning, design, and seamless installation.

We offer energy analysis and operational maintenance services to ensure the longevity of each solar project.

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Industrial Solutions

aeconet is dedicated to developing and implementing renewable technology to decrease reliance on fossil fuels in critical industries such as agriculture and telecommunications.

Our integration of energy generation with efficient and safe energy storage assists clients in managing peak demand and stabilizing energy output.

Industrial solutions are seamlessly integrated with IT applications for enhanced monitoring of energy output.

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Mobile Solutions

aeconet is at the forefront of improving EV charging station infrastructure through solar PVs, inverters, optimizers, and other technologies.

We are prepared to adopt alternative fueling station technologies, including green hydrogen production, to meet evolving needs.

Safety is paramount at aeconet, reflected in our technology's advanced safety features and easy monitoring capabilities.